We train

If you’re an organisation looking for world-class training at a reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been training individuals, businesses and non-profit organisations all over the world for 22 years. We’ve thousands of satisfied customers.

We’re pioneers of e-learning, and members of our team have successfully delivered online training everywhere from Azerbaijan to Yemen. Sadly there are no Z’s on our client list yet, as Zaire renamed itself the Democratic Republic of Congo. We would especially welcome inquiries from Zambia and Zimbabwe!

Media friendly

Most of the team have a background in the media. There’s a former newspaper editor, two tv producers, a radio presenter and several reporters and camera operators. We’re all used to making high quality programmes to very tight deadlines on limited budgets.

When we’re training, we take time to understand your needs, then we work quickly and effectively to produce really smart training – whether it is face-to-face in a classroom-type environment, in a video or in an online course.

Given our background, it won’t be a surprise that our core training centres around media production, including:

  • Working in the Media
  • Working with the Media
  • Producing Print, Audio and Video content

But we are also managers with considerable experience working in the not-for-profit (charitable) sector. We can offer courses in

  • Working for an NGO
  • Finance for Managers
  • Project Management
  • Leading a Team

We are also used to working with partners to turn their ideas and resources into outstanding training courses. Want to create on online induction course? A one-off course to meet an urgent operational or legislative need? We can do that.

It goes without saying that we provide excellent course resources. They can be supplied printed, on CD, DVD or memory sticks, or online.

Every time we design training, we build on what we’ve done before. But we take great care to understand and meet your own needs. No two courses are ever the same.

Get in touch by email at kevin-at-media-leaders.com

Worldwide Media Production, Development and Training